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Technology PR in the digital era.

We work with tech brands, companies, and startups.

Delivering bold ideas and high-impact campaigns.

Turn them into favorites among today's digital society and drive meaningful business results.

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The game that never gets old, Tetris is known for its geometric puzzle pieces that must be rearranged to form a solid horizontal row within a matrix. In the same way, KLIKPR comes up with innovative PR solutions by looking at various angles and fields, with the clients’ needs as our primary goal.


We know what sparks a conversation. Driven by creativity, KLIKPR thrives on ideas borne out of analysis and deep insight. For us, differing opinions and approaches are not something to be afraid of -- after all, we are in the very centre of the creative marketplace. This fearlessness overflows into our strategy of taking initiative and embracing risks to produce better results.


In Tetris and for KLIKPR, perspectives matter. We are optimistic that any puzzle piece thrown our way can fit into the greater whole. KLIKPR is current, relevant, and influential, and just like the good old puzzle game, our solutions commit to memory.





Our group of 10 communications specialists combines extensive PR experience and proven competence in event planning to bring your campaign to the next level. Based in Jakarta, we apply deep corporate expertise across a wide range of skills, dealing with every client and project in a unique way.


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Jeannie Purnamasari

Managing Director

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Known for her creative thinking with demonstrated history in developing and executing strategically innovative PR initiatives. She is responsible in leading the team to achieve the designated objectives on behalf of KLIKPR's clients.


Rendy Praditya

Strategy Director

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Analytics is his strength. He creates communication plan based on facts and data. With his natural ability to analyze information and uncover unnoticed blind spots, he is responsible for structuring narratives and strategy for KLIKPR's clients.

M E E T   O U R   L E A D E R S H I P   T E A M 

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