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XBlockchain Summit

Creating a platform for blockchain and cryptocurrencies collaboration in Asia

In 2018, world leaders in blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies gathered in Bali for XBlockchain Summit. KLIKPR provided an integrated event management services for the Summit, from strategic planning and partnership to content creation, public relations, social media, promotion, production, and logistics.

Geared to be Asia’s flagship blockchain event, the Summit was held from October 09-10 in Bali. Primarily, it provided a platform for conversations around blockchain implementation in government, financial services, insurance, healthcare, the Internet of Things, and supply chain management.

XBlockchain Summit 2018 aimed to raise awareness on blockchain and cryptocurrencies as viable options for doing transactions. Many people in Asia still have a low appreciation of blockchain and cryptocurrencies largely because these concepts remain abstract and hard to understand. Through the Summit, XBlockchain aimed to make both technologies more accessible to various sectors and the general public.

KLIKPR managed to gather more than 50 media professionals from across the globe to cover the Summit. The attendance of international media shined a spotlight on the important discussions during the event. On top of this, the Summit secured widespread coverage of around 500 press hits in mainstream and blockchain titles including Kompas, MarketWatch, Business Insider, Investing and CoinGeek.

The Summit was instrumental in creating a network of organisations and individuals that shared expertise and products, and discussed the challenges and opportunities of the global and regional blockchain landscapes. Through KLIKPR, over 520 attendees flocked to Bali for the Summit, which featured 21 topics, 55 speakers, and 22 conference partners.

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