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Enhancing a brand to recapture the Indonesian real estate market

Investment in Indonesia’s properties faced a slump for several years, resulting in a huge number of unsold and unrented properties. saw an opportunity and rebranded themselves as SpaceStock, the country’s first tech savvy property agent.

Through the SpaceStock website, property owners and potential clients can buy and sell their properties easily. The website features a long list of properties each assigned to knowledgeable and professional real estate agents.

KLIKPR helped raise awareness on SpaceStock through an interesting media invitation for the company’s rebranding launch. Through a media talkshow, KLIKPR provided SpaceStock with relevant and well--researched discussion points to help them share relevant stories to the media.

The launch hosted 21 representatives from the national media, including Tribunews, Kompas, Media Indonesia. Through KLIKPR’s proactive public relations strategy, media coverage of the launch reached more than 30 articles both in print and online.

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