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Pundi X

Leveraging the power of content to develop brand loyalty for Pundi X

Within less than two years, Pundi X became one of the world’s fastest growing cryptocurrency platforms. One of its recipes for success: a strong communication strategy focused on building trust.

Countries and individuals alike point to safety and transparency as the key reasons they avoid blockchain and cryptocurrencies. With the help of, Pundi X helped customers address these concerns so they could finally enjoy the benefits of blockchain. disseminated Pundi X’s compelling and tech-savvy work using monthly reports. These monthly reports contain a summary of the brand’s latest activities, events, and partnerships, all of which are geared towards helping more people understand the world of crypto. engages in active monitoring and listening on Pundi X’s activities through social media and insights from the Pundi X team. Using this collected information, develops the content of the report, which Pundi X shared to Pundians, or Pundi X users.

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