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Talking about “The Future of Banking” with OCBC NISP

As one of Indonesia’s leading banks, OCBC NISP is at the forefront of digital technology and digital transformation. Over the past years, the bank has opened opportunities for fintech startups to support the customer journey. In addition, OCBC NISP came up with a mobile app that lets consumers do 90% of bank transactions over the phone.

To raise awareness on these important digital initiatives, KLIKPR was trusted to organise a media gathering dubbed as “The Future of Banking.” The gathering served as a platform to share OCBC NISP’s story in a more engaging way and expand the media network, especially with tech media.

Through an intimate environment for media queries, the gathering provided useful information on the bank’s wide array of digital solutions. KLIKPR’s strategic communication and media relations background helped bring over 20 media practitioners, in which majority was focusing on tech space.

KLIKPR developed various media collaterals, event concept, and video documentation and highlights. All in all, the media gathering generated a PR value of over IDR 2.7 billion.

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