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Positioning a label as the ultimate national standard for FUREC was hired to work on a brand awareness project for FUREC. This covered paramount activities from brand narrative and positioning to digital content strategy, public engagement and media relations.

Indonesia generates a hefty 9 million tons of plastic waste each year. Only 9-10% of this waste is recycled, leaving us with 8 million tons to deal with. This problem calls for a revolutionary innovation, one that begins with plastic packaging.

FUREC or Fully Recyclable, came up with an eco-friendly plastic formulation with a recycling rate of 90%. Once established as a national standard, FUREC can help cut down Indonesia’s plastic waste by 8 million tons per year, almost down to zero.

We amplified the story through labeling FUREC as the ultimate national standard for recyclable plastic packaging and reinforcing such brand narrative first through a press launch that aimed to gain media and public attention for FUREC - further building market acceptance.

The strategy also involved creating a talkshow session with key persons from Green Industry dan Environment, Ministry of Industry and recycling industry players; developing infographic and up-to-date social media to reach wider target audiences.

Through's campaign for eco-friendly plastic packaging, FUREC gained support from the Minister of Industry, who provided a corroborative statement for the innovation. FUREC’s press launch welcomed esteemed national media representatives such as Liputan6, Media Indonesia and Investor Daily. The launch also received more than 30 media hits, all from top tier national publications.

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