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Accelerice fuels Indonesia’s food startup industry

Indonesia has become one of the world’s go-to places for quality food ingredients. From aromatic herbs to culinary spices, the country's wide array of garnishes is unparalleled anywhere else. However, to fully open its food landscape to the world, this ingredient-richness has to be maximized by the local startup industry.

Limited funds, lack of experience, and untapped networks are some of the barriers to the success of Indonesia’s food startups. To help fuel their initiatives and provide these startups with a conducive workspace, Accelerice Indonesia launched F&B specific knowledge hub and mentorship program that will bring these startups’ products to the market.

KLIKPR strengthened Accelerice Indonesia’s strategy by involving media professionals during the launch event. We highlighted the challenges we found through research that put this issue as the core message, explaining why Accelerice is paramount to the success of F&B industry in Indonesia. Such compelling story was distributed to various media organizations, resulting in the attendance of 19 representatives from the national media.

Our post-assessment of media coverage discovered that KLIKPR’s media campaign for Accelerice Indonesia resulted in 33 articles regarding the launch event.

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